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Post Charge-Off Recoveries

One of our most successful and popular services is contingency based post charge-off recoveries. The key to Nationwide Credit’s success is a two-step approach to collecting on charged-off debt. First, we utilize a combination of industry proven skip tracing techniques combined with proprietary skip tracing skills to locate a debtor or borrower weeks, months or even years after the debt was charged-off. Second, our proprietary dialogue engine for charge-off recovery was designed to understand the specific type of debt and identify the appropriate conversation to have with borrowers and debtors. Our success allows us to quickly maximize returns for our clients and often become their service provider of choice.


  • Higher resolution rates through the use of advanced predictive analytics
  • Increased borrower compliance due to the use of psychological research in effective communication
  • Consistent message delivery and increased scalability through proprietary dialogue engine
Why NCI?
Nationwide Credit® (NCI) has the industry experience, financial strength, proven performance and thought leadership to be your most valuable customer relationship and accounts receivable management partner. We are licensed, bonded or otherwise authorized to collect delinquent and defaulted accounts in all states.
  • Nationwide Credit® (NCI) does a tremendous job focusing and performing well on the objectives that matter most to a client. Their ability to perform and execute on all aspects of the partnership is consistently best-in-class. At the end of the day, their execution and response gives me the perception that our partnership matters the most to their business.

    - Senior Director
    Leading Servicer of International Consumer Debt Portfolios
  • We have shared a business relationship with Nationwide Credit® (NCI) since December 2006, and we are extremely satisfied with our experience. Our original contract with NCI involved complex account initiation procedures and required NCI to serve as the customers’ first touch point with our company. NCI handles these transactions in a highly efficient and professional manner and has become a seamless extension of our call centers.

    - Project Manager
    Leading Electricity and Natural Gas Provider
  • We have partnered with Nationwide Credit® (NCI) since June 1997. The NCI team consistently demonstrates all the qualities necessary to be a true partner in recovery solutions. I find NCI’s management, both at the executive level as well as the operation level, to be very professional and a true partner in recovery solutions. They are always resourceful and creative working through challenges in our Industry.

    - Finance Director
    Leading Satellite Television Provider
NCI® Experience
Nationwide Credit® (NCI) believes that treating consumers with the same dignity, respect and empathy we expect ourselves is the key to outstanding results for consumers, our clients, associates and shareholders.

NCI® Customer Service Principles:
  • NCI Associates Are the Key
  • Advanced Behavioral Sciences Drive Great Service
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Client Partnership
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